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Volunteers Induction Form

Induction form

Before you commence your shifts as a volunteer, we need you to complete the MFD Volunteer Induction Form that is our way of knowing that you have read and understood the information we have provided about each volunteer role you may undertake, the code of conduct, the grievance policy and, most importantly, the work, health and safety arrangements. Once you have completed the induction form we will send you an online ticket for free entry to the Field Days. 

Volunteer Induction Form


To help ensure the Field Days is an enjoyable and safe experience it is important that we know you understand your rights and responsibilities as a volunteer. 

Your rights as a volunteer

 As a volunteer you will: 

  • be provided with a working environment and systems of work that are, as far as practicable, safe and in which you are not exposed to hazards 
  • be treated fairly and shown respect 
  • be provided with such information, instruction, appropriate resources, training, personal protection equipment and supervision to enable you to perform your work in a safe, effective and enjoyable manner 
  • only be asked to perform work which you can do safely – if you feel that you cannot do a job safely or have any safety issues, please discuss with the Volunteer Coordinator immediately.  

Your responsibilities as a volunteer

 As a volunteer you must: 

  • sign in and sign out of the MFD volunteer attendance registers 
  • wear the volunteer high-visibility vest and ID badge while undertaking your volunteer tasks 
  • take reasonable care to protect the health and safety of yourself and of any other person at the Field Days 
  • inform your supervisor or the MFD Manager of any situation that is likely to pose a health or safety hazard 
  • obey the safety rules and directions of authorised MFD personnel, including using protective equipment when instructed. 

First aid 

If you, another volunteer or a visitor is injured or feels unwell, please let your supervisor know. First Aid is available near the Recreational Hall and staff from St Johns Ambulance will also be on site. 

 Work health and safety and other policies 

It is important that you read the following policies that are available on the MFD Volunteer Portal and from the MFD Volunteers Coordinator: 

  • MFD Work Health and Safety Policy for Volunteers which outlines the general safety rules, procedures and systems for the work health and safety of MFD volunteers 
  • MFD Volunteers Code of Conduct which sets out set out the standards of behaviour expected from MFD volunteers 
  • MFD Grievance Resolution Policy which sets out the procedures by which volunteers can resolve work-related complaints. 

 COVID safety 

Facemasks and sanitiser are available for all volunteers. While not mandatory, the MFD encourages those volunteers who will be engaging with visitors and exhibitors to wear facemasks, use sanitiser on a regular basis and maintain social distancing where possible. 

I have read and understood the information supplied to me about volunteering at the 2022 Murrumbateman Field Days including the role statement for each role I am performing, the work, health and safety policy, volunteer code of conduct and volunteer grievance policy. 

Feedback on the portal and volunteer documents

If you have any questions or comments about the portal or the documents it hosts, please contact the Volunteers Coordinator by emailing volunteers@mfdays.com